First class solutions since 2015

Galvanic caters to Lithium Battery pack companies by providing them with some of the essential and most important components Cells Holder, Sheet fabrication boxes( MS Box), extrusion aluminium boxes, nickel strips and Injection moulding for plastic casings. Our strength as a company lies in the experience our core team has in the field of Injection moulding and Sheet fabrication boxes.

We as a company have been catering to hundreds of industries pan India and outside India with our specialised products.

After seeing the market response and eliminating the dependency of Lithium Battery manufacturers on China for Cell Holders( cell spacers), M.S. Box, Plastic casing, Excursion Boxes and Nickel strips, our team and management worked day and night to establish all of these in India. 

By the end of April 2022 we will be having more than 50 moulds for Lithium Cell holders ranging as following :

a) 18650 

b) 21700

c) 26650

d) 32700/32131

Galvanic is a subsidiary of OMI are pioneer in the field of Injection moulding and sheet fabrication. Galvanic is established with the sole purpose of providing Lithium Battery Manufacturers with the most essential components. Galvanic aims to support ‘ Make In India’ and also provide good quality material to Lithium Battery manufacturers.

The next generation of entrepreneurs from our family joined and were given an entire year to figure out an industry in which the company will expand by opening a new branch and hence it lead to the formation of “Galvanic – India”

After 2 years of R&D we at Galvanic started providing one of the best quality Lithium cell holders and MS sheet boxes to various companies in the industry. We started off the cell holders with 18650 and slowly expanded into the 32700 cell holders. 

In the case of MS sheet casing, we were in 2020 providing good qty MS boxes and doing a lot of R&D to make the MS casing better in whatever way possible. 

The company was approached by various Battery manufacturers to start making Lithium battery pack casings for some specialised projects and also for Electric scooter battery packs.


Galvanic has been established as a different company to solely focus on the Lithium Battery packs industry, As we see it booming in near future. Our company has been founded with the purpose of providing support to the Lithium battery shift in the Indian market. The aim of Galvanic is to provide local support to the Lithium Battery manufacturers and provide them with the best quality product at an import competitive price. We want to play our part in making India self-dependent and a green nation.