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Our cell holders are made from a blend of polycarbonate and  Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PCABS). 

Yes, our cell holders are fire resistant to a certain degree and are made up of raw material which is approved by industry standards.

We have two units in the Delhi/NCR area, one in Mayapuri and the other in Bawana.

A cell holder is a simple device used for holding cells in their place.

The Holder is manufactured using PCABS which is very good. raw material for the application of cell holders and can tolerate high temp.

Our company Galvanic has the following certifications:

1)ISO 9001 2018

New moulds for cell holders can be developed for the use of a specific client. The cost of developing the mould will be borne by the client but will be returned to the client by adjusting the price of the cell holder. A minimum order of 25,000pcs is required for a new mold to be developed. 

FAQ MS Box:​

Once a company lets us know about the dimensions of the box, we get an Autocad drawing of the same. If the company provides us with the drawing then this step is skipped. Once the drawing is ready, our group of very skilled labour work together to make the box a reality. The whole process takes around 10 to 12 days with the installation of the handle as well as the powder coating.

We use TATA sheets which have the thickness of 1.2 mm.

At Galvanic we don’t calculate the price of MS box only based on per kg weight. our price is a combination of both box weight and the dimension of the box.

The making of the box is a very labour intensive process. The price of the metal sheet varies from time to time and so does the cost of the handles, these are determining factors in the price of the box. The hard work that goes into making the box fit for use makes it an expensive product. 

FAQ Nickel Strip :

At Galvanic we only provide Pure Nickel strips made from NICKEL 200/201.

Nickel is an expensive metal and in the case of Lithium batteries, if it’s used properly by the battery manufacturer, they have a very good life. 

Galvanic is known in the industry for its speciality in fabrication, hence we believe customisation is possible in every particular field.